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Taxi Service in Rajgir


Embark on a comfortable, reliable journey with SMK Ride, which provides the best cab service in Bihar and is recognized as Bihar's first taxi aggregator license-certified company by the government of Bihar. We extend our exceptional taxi service to the historical town of Rajgir, Bihar. Whether you're exploring the local attractions or planning an outstation trip, SMK Ride is your go-to choice for an affordable and secure taxi service in Rajgir.

Rajgir, Bihar: A Comprehensive Guide

  • Historical Significance: Rajgir, meaning "The City of Kings" is a town with deep historical roots in the district of Nalanda, Bihar, India.
  • Geographical Area: Encompassing an area of 111.4 km², Rajgir boasts a modest yet culturally rich landscape.
  • Railway Access: Gaya Junction railway station, situated 78 km from Rajgir, serves as the nearest railway head, enhancing accessibility.
  • Airport Proximity: Gaya International Airport, 78 km away, provides air travel options, connecting Rajgir to various domestic and international destinations. Another airport in Patna, located 101 km away, offers an additional air travel choice for Rajgir residents and visitors.
  • Road Connectivity: Connected by road to Patna, which is approximately 110 km away, Rajgir facilitates easy travel for those opting for cab services. SMK Ride simplifies cab bookings from Rajgir to Patna, making the journey between these two locations seamless and enjoyable.

If you're looking for cab service in Rajgir, SMK Ride is your reliable choice. Whether you want to explore historical sites or enjoy cultural richness, our cab service in Rajgir ensures a comfortable and hassle-free experience. Discover the charm of Rajgir with our convenient and affordable cab services.

How To Book Cabs In Rajgir Online With SMK Ride

To book an online cab service in Rajgir with SMK Ride, we offer you multiple convenient options:

  • Phone Booking: Call us at +91-9905680491, and our customer support team will assist you in booking your taxi service in Rajgir with ease. Provide your details, and your cab will be reserved for your specified journey.
  • Website Booking: Visit our user-friendly website, www.smkride.com, to book your taxi service in Rajgir online. The website provides a seamless booking experience, allowing you to choose your cab type, specify travel details, and confirm your reservation effortlessly.
  • SMK Ride Application: For a modern and efficient booking experience, download the SMK Ride application on your smartphone. Through the app, you can access a range of features, including real-time cab tracking, fare estimates, and secure online payments. Booking a cab service in Rajgir has never been more convenient – just a few taps on your phone, and you're all set for a comfortable journey from Rajgir.

Rajgir Cab Choices: Mini, Sedan, SUV/MUV

In Rajgir, SMK Ride offers a variety of cab options to cater to your specific travel needs. Choose from the following comfortable and well-equipped vehicles:

  • Chhoti Savari (Mini Cab):

Seating Capacity: 4 seats

Luggage Capacity: 2 bags

Air Conditioning: Yes

Ideal for small groups or individuals, the Chhoti Savari provides a compact and cost-effective option for your local or outstation journeys in Rajgir. When you need a reliable cab in Rajgir, our Mini Cab is at your service.

  • Badi Savari (Sedan Car):

Seating Capacity: 4 seats

Luggage Capacity: 4 bags

Air Conditioning: Yes

The Badi Savari, a sedan car, is suitable for those looking for a bit more space and comfort. Ideal for both local travel and outstation trips, it ensures a smooth and enjoyable ride. Experience the convenience of our Sedan Cab service in Rajgir.

  • Family Savari (SUV and MUV):

Seating Capacity: 6 seats

Luggage Capacity: 4 bags

Air Conditioning: Yes

For larger groups or families, the Family Savari provides ample space and comfort. Whether you're exploring local attractions or planning an extended journey, this SUV and MUV option is a reliable choice for your transportation needs. Discover the flexibility of our SUV and MUV cab service in Rajgir.

Rajgir Cab Services: Hassle-Free Local And Outstation Travel For Your Convenience

SMK Ride is your go-to solution for various cab services in Rajgir, ensuring a smooth and reliable travel experience. Explore our offerings:

Local Cab Service in Rajgir: Whether you need to navigate the city's local attractions or require convenient transportation within Rajgir, you can easily book our local cab service. Discover the charm of Rajgir with our comfortable and affordable local cab options.

Outstation Cab Service in Rajgir: Are you planning a trip beyond Rajgir? You can book outstation cabs with SMK Ride, ensuring a secure and enjoyable journey to your chosen destination. Our fleet is at your service, providing a reliable solution for your outstation travel needs.

One-Way Cab Booking in Rajgir: For those looking for flexibility in travel plans, SMK Ride offers convenient one-way cab booking options in Rajgir. Tailor your journey according to your preferences and enjoy the ease of booking a one-way cab with us.

Why Choose SMK Ride for Your Cab Needs in Rajgir?

Certified and Approved By Government: SMK Ride takes pride in being a government-certified and approved cab service provider in Bihar. Our commitment to compliance ensures a secure and reliable travel experience for our customers in Rajgir.

Affordable Price: We understand the importance of budget-friendly travel. SMK Ride offers competitive and affordable prices for cab services in Rajgir, making your journeys cost-effective without compromising on quality.

Comfortable and Safe Rides: Your safety and comfort are our top priorities. Our well-maintained fleet and experienced drivers guarantee a smooth and secure ride, ensuring you reach your destination in Rajgir with peace of mind.

Trusted Service: SMK Ride has earned the trust of customers by consistently delivering reliable and high-quality cab services in Rajgir. Count on us for punctuality, professionalism, and a commitment to customer satisfaction.

Flexible Travel Plans: We understand that travel plans can change. SMK Ride offers flexibility in travel arrangements, whether you need a local cab, an outstation journey, or a one-way trip in Rajgir. Customize your travel plans with ease.

Various Cab Options: Choose from a diverse range of cab options to suit your preferences and requirements. Whether you prefer a Chhoti Savari (Mini Cab), Badi Savari (Sedan Car), or Family Savari (SUV and MUV), SMK Ride has the right vehicle for your journey in Rajgir.

Easy Booking Options: Booking a cab with SMK Ride is convenient and straightforward. Use our user-friendly website and mobile app, or call us at +91-9905680491 to book your taxi in Rajgir hassle-free.

Experienced Drivers: Our team of experienced and skilled drivers ensures a comfortable and enjoyable ride in Rajgir. Trust SMK Ride for a reliable and pleasant cab service experience.

Emergency Ambulance Services 24/7 in Rajgir with SMK Ride

In times of urgency, SMK Ride goes beyond cab services by offering 24/7 emergency ambulance services in Rajgir. Your well-being is our priority, and we are committed to providing swift and efficient medical transportation when you need it the most. Our ambulances are equipped with modern medical facilities, and our trained staff ensures a prompt response to your emergencies. Trust SMK Ride to be your reliable partner in health-related emergencies, offering ambulance services around the clock in Rajgir. Your safety and health matter, and we are here to provide immediate assistance with our dedicated ambulance services in Rajgir.

Install SMK Ride App for Effortless Taxi Booking in Rajgir

Experience seamless and convenient taxi booking in Rajgir by installing the SMK Ride app. Our user-friendly application allows you to book a taxi with just a few taps on your smartphone. Gain access to a fleet of reliable cabs, including Mini Cabs, Sedan Cars, and SUVs, ensuring a comfortable and safe journey every time. Download the SMK Ride app from the App Store or Google Play, create an account, and embark on a hassle-free travel experience in Rajgir. With real-time tracking, secure payment options, and a variety of cab choices, the SMK Ride app is your go-to solution for reliable taxi services in Rajgir. Download now and enjoy the convenience of quick and efficient taxi booking at your fingertips.

FAQ :Taxi Services

SMK Ride is certified by the government, offers affordable prices, ensures comfortable and safe rides, provides trusted services, and has various cab options to choose from.

You can easily book a cab through our website, mobile app, or by calling us at +91-9905680491.

Yes, you can make changes to your booking by contacting SMK Ride customer support or using our website and app. T&C applies.

Rajgir is approximately 110 km away from Patna, and the travel time can vary based on traffic conditions, typically taking around 2-3 hours.

Yes, SMK Ride offers a hassle-free local cab service for exploring attractions within Rajgir.